At Mane Hair Supplies we pride ourselves in supplying the highest quality range of premium grade Russian Hair Extensions. Manufactured to only the highest quality and incomparable to any other Tape Extensions currently on the market.

Are you sick of sticky build up in your hair?

Are you sick of your extensions slipping days after leaving the salon?

Mane Hair Supplies guarantee our tape extensions will not slip or become sticky Providing you follow the correct after care instructions.



After spending 10+ years in the hair industry working along side very well known extension brands, It was very difficult to find hair extensions that were of a high quality. We found many of the extensions on the market are coated in silicone and simply do not last, starting too shed and thinning after only the first few washes. For the money we pay for these products, this is just not good enough.

 - We decided to manufacture my own range of extensions that would meet our expectations and yours -