24" CHOCOLATE BROWN Russian Hair Tape Extensions 20pc

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QUALITY:  24" Premium Russian Hair Tape Extensions 

SHADE:  CHOCOLATE BROWN / Extension Shade Number #2 / Natural Shade colour 4

QUANTITY:  20pc / 50grams / 1/2 Head

Quick and easy to apply, tape hair extensions are the classic for a reason.Our premium Russian tape hair extensions are double drawn, ensuring consistent and luscious thickness right to the ends.

Our tape extensions are all pre-taped with our own adhesive for ease of use, with our high quality adhesive that stays put up to 10 weeks. The typical lifespan for our Russian hair is 9 – 12 months when looked after with care.

How many extensions do I need?

20 pieces (50grams): Half Head – To add volume only. Perfect for filling in sides or to add thickness to your natural hair.

40 pieces (100grams): Full Head – For a more natural result. Mainly for thin natural long hair.

60 pieces (150grams): Full Head & Half – To extend medium or thick hair.  

80 pieces (200grams): Two Full Heads – To extend short hair or for maximum thickness

 If you are unsure on colours and grams please feel free to give us a call or email us and we can personally select the perfect match for you

Customer Reviews

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I love Mane Hair Supplies Tape Extensions!!!!

This is my forth time buying your tapes over the years. The quality is incomparable to other brands with its silkiness, durability and hold. These tapes last me at least 9 months. I can’t get enough ❤️❤️